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Who We Are

Visitation School provides an excellent education within a Catholic environment permeated by Salesian spirituality and the living tradition of the Visitation Sisters.

We are private Catholic school in Mendota Heights, MN founded in 1873 by the Sisters of the Visitation of Holy Mary. We educate boys and girls from Montessori Pre-K through grade five and all girls in grades six to twelve. A Visitation education is more than just academic achievement; it's about growth and wholeness in mind, body and spirit. We provide an education that is not for school, but for life. Learn more about sending your child to Visitation.

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Lower School

At Visitation, we know and nurture each child in our care as a unique individual. The Lower School, boys and girls in Montessori PreK through grade 5, is rich with opportunities to explore where our outstanding faculty guide your student's growth and progress. 

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Middle School

Visitation's all-girls Middle School provides an empowering single-gender education where students strengthen their sense of self as they explore and grow as individuals. They are surrounded by high expectations, nurturing faculty and community strong in faith. 

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Upper School

Visitation's Upper School offers an exceptional academic experience, defined by high standards of achievement, close personal interactions with faculty and a clear sense of purpose. The Visitation learner is empowered, competent and confident. They are capable leaders. And will be for life. 

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All-Girls Middle & Upper School

We asked Visitation students why they love attending an all-girls school where they can focus fully on learning, and feel comfortable being themselves in the classroom, in the lab, on the stage or on the field.

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Our Values

Coed, then all-girls: A Perfect Combination

From Montessori PreK through grade five, we welcome boys and girls into an environment in which they thrive together beautifully. In grades 6-12, we offer a uniquely empowering experience to girls. In these years of transformation, as young people shape their personal identities, Vis girls shine.

Our Values

Academic Excellence

Visitation offers an excellent academic experience at each level that is defined by high standards of achievement, close personal interactions with faculty and a clear sense of purpose. Students are prepared for future success. 

Middle School Student outside during recess holding a yellow playground ball

Our Values

Be who you are and be that well.

Full of affirmation and expectation, this simple phrase beautifully captures the spirit of a Visitation education. This is an experience not just about academic achievement, but growth and wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

Teacher and student laughing in pottery class

Our Values

Foundation of Remarkable Relationships

Students and teachers at Visitation are part of a close, strong community founded on trust. One special dimension of the Vis experience is the frequent pairing of students with younger and older partners. We find that with the right guides and friends, the most important lessons in character and kindness come naturally.

Visitation School campus

Our Values

The Power of Little Virtues

One hallmark of the Salesian tradition is a set of virtues inspiring the way we strive to learn and live. Among these are kindness and courage, patience and respect, joyful optimism and gentle strength.

Girls soccer team celebrating after goal

Our Values

More Chances to Excel

Our 60-acre campus is home to a STEM center, a ballet studio, a professional-caliber theater, a stunning art suite, an outdoor classroom and superb athletic facilities. The result is a wonderful richness of options—many chances for each student to find and nurture new talents.

Students acting in Fall Play

Our Values

More Possibilities to Explore

We offer a remarkable breadth of opportunities: French, Spanish and Chinese starting in Montessori preschool; robust arts, athletics and service-learning programs; plus a full array of specialist teachers augmenting our classroom faculty. The result is a wonderful richness of options—many chances for each student to find and nurture new talents.

Members of the class of 2021 in white dresses holding red roses

Our Values

Not for School, but for Life

The aim of a Visitation education is to prepare students for life. To ensure that this preparation meets the demands of the 21st century, we have worked with care to identify a balance of strengths that will define the Visitation learner—from faith and values to leadership, from digital literacy to global citizenship.


65 Acres

Explore campus with trails for walking, running or skiing


Seat professional-quality theater


Tennis Courts


Art Rooms


STEM Center


Places to sit in the sun and shade




World Language Lab

2 + 1

Two softball fields and a soccer/lacrosse field


Black-box studio for theater and orchestra rehearsal


Bright, spacious classrooms


Ponds with a variety of wildlife. We even have peacocks!


Ballet studio


Be who you are and be that well

Here at Visitation School, our students are surrounded by high academic and personal expectations and positive examples of “being who you are and being that well,”—all in an excellent academic community filled with our Salesian tradition. Our students are prepared not for school, but for life. Learn more!

Audrey, 11th grade

"The teachers at Vis take time to recognize our achievements and commend us for our hard work."

Audrey, 11th grade

Ms. Hallin, Director of Lower School

"Our focus is to build and maintain positive relationships with each child and family, making sure that each child is known and loved.”

Ms. Hallin, Director of Lower School

Johanna Huang, Chinese Teacher

"We translate guiding principles such as gentleness, patience, inner peace, humility and liberty of spirit into all of our actions at Visitation School."

Johanna Huang, Chinese Teacher

Mr. Nelson, Upper School Social Studies

“One of the things I have appreciated most about teaching at Visitation has been the community approach that we take toward student success."

Mr. Nelson, Upper School Social Studies

Grace L, 11th grade

"At Vis, you can literally be anything except invisible."

Grace, 11th grade

Frannie, 8th grade

"Vis is great because it has allowed me to become more confident and independent. The people that surround me at Vis continue to provide me with great tools that empower me to be the very best that I can be. That is why I love being at Vis!"

Frannie, 8th grade

Vallay Moua Varro '94

"I came to Visitation as a refugee girl hoping to beat the odds. I left with a conviction about the power of education that has shaped all aspects of my life since then."

Vallay Moua Varro '94

Ann Marie Ziemetz, First Grade Teacher

"Visitation educates and nurtures the whole student! Every student at Visitation is loved, appreciated, nurtured, and challenged according to their individual needs."

Ann Marie Ziemetz, First Grade Teacher

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