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Our Students

Visitation educates young women in grades six to twelve and boys and girls in Montessori preschool through grade five. READ MORE.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan puts our principles and priorities on paper and into practice. It maps out a balanced budget and a balanced lifestyle. It illuminates the three pillars upon which Visitation is built: the excellent education we provide, the Catholic Salesian environment we nurture, and the robust governance we exercise. Read More

About Vis

Convent of the Visitation School provides an excellent education in a Catholic environment permeated by Salesian spirituality.

Under God's guiding hand, Visitation Sisters, trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and parents are committed to:

  • The gentle and caring formation of students in maturing faith, reverent worship, personal morality, global responsibility and respectful appreciation of diversity.
  • The holistic growth of each student from infancy toward adulthood through innovative teaching and learning, a challenging college preparatory program, the encouragement of leadership and relationships of trust, vibrant co-curricular opportunities, and a broad exposure to the arts and cultures.
  • Robust governance — derived from a long and stable history — characterized by expert and wide consultation, judicious discernment, Church and community collaboration, and sound fiscal policies.

All School Mass & Flag RaisingVisitation students

“Non Scholae, Sed Vitae: Not for School, but for Life."

Portrait of a 21st Century Learner

The Portrait of the 21st Century Learner describes the skills, qualities, attributes and virtues we hope each Visitation graduate embodies. Underpinning this Portrait are the school's mission and Salesian heritage. As educators in partnership with parents, we work diligently to ensure that each student has the opportunity to develop each aspect of this Portrait to his or her fullest potential. Print a copy of the Portrait.

Faith and Values

Formed by the Scriptures, Catholic tradition and prayer, the Visitation Learner

  • understands and articulates the beliefs of the Catholic faith tradition.
  • participates in the life and worship of a faith community.
  • matures in an ability to make connections between knowledge of the faith and living the faith.

Salesian Spirituality

Formed by a practical living of the gospel-based Salesian spirituality and Visitation philosophy as expressed by our founders, St. Jane de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales, the Visitation Learner

  • experiences the meaning of faith-filled friendship by relating to others appropriately, confidently and honestly.
  • resolves conflicts respectfully.
  • is inspired to strive to reach his or her potential by developing and celebrating his or her unique God-given gifts.
  • values the Visitation Sisters’ motto to “Live Jesus.”
  • is equipped with the skills of discernment to assist in making life-giving choices.

Educational Excellence

Formed by the discipline of intellectual work, the Visitation Learner

  • is an inquisitive and curious learner.
  • speaks, writes and communicates knowledge with clarity and skill.
  • applies critical thinking when evaluating information.
  • analyzes and generates creative solutions to problems individually and in concert with others.

Artistic Literacy

Formed by education in and exposure to the arts, the Visitation Learner

  • appreciates natural and created beauty in all its forms.
  • is confident in his or her personal artistic expression.
  • connects with the global community through the arts.

Global Citizenship

Formed by a multi-cultural program of studies and the principles of Salesian simplicity and environmental awareness, the Visitation Learner

  • develops an understanding of a variety of languages, cultures and religions.
  • appreciates multiple perspectives and recognizes the importance of diversity.
  • engages in meaningful service.
  • respects and fosters human rights and dignity.


Formed by a Salesian education that intentionally creates opportunities for leadership, the Visitation Learner

  • possesses an internal moral compass, allowing for courageous decision-making.
  • has the confidence, determination and resilience to face life challenges.
  • promotes the common good through individual and group actions.

Personal Wellness and Athletics

Formed by strong health, physical education, athletic and activities programs, the Visitation Learner

  • values personal fitness, wellness and an active lifestyle.
  • demonstrates self-respect and teamwork.
  • displays confidence and ethical character in competition.
  • practices life-balance.

Digital Literacy

Formed by learning experiences transformed by technology integration, the Visitation Learner

  • is able to locate, organize, evaluate and analyze information using digital technology.
  • understands online safety, ethics, and the risks and rewards of social media.
  • communicates effectively and appropriately through electronic media.
  • is prepared for a highly technical world in which he or she can function with a human touch.