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Excellence in Teaching Award

The Emily Fogarty Melady Excellence in Teaching Award is given each year to honor a teacher who has fostered student academic achievement, enthusiasm for subject matter, and interest in lifelong learning; who has nurtured the spiritual and moral development of students; who has promoted Salesian virtues; and who has given of himself or herself in service to the school community. This teacher must also have demonstrated leadership and initiative in moving the Visitation Learning Community forward and acted as a mentor and model for students. The award includes a plaque, placing of the teacher’s name on a recognition plaque in the school, and a monetary award to be used at the teacher’s discretion. Nominations are accepted each May, and the award is presented at the end of the school year.

Emily Fogarty MeladyThe Emily Fogarty Melady Excellence in Teaching Award is given in loving memory of Emily Fogarty Melady (1904-1995) because of her generous spirit to many while she lived. She attended Visitation for just two years and was considered part of the class of 1922. She showed her attachment to the school and the Sisters by sending her four daughters to Visitation: Jane ’50, Carol ’52, Angela ’55, and Cynthia ’59. Three of her grandchildren also attended Visitation. Visitation was a major part of Emily Fogarty Melady’s life and that of her family for eighty years. She was always very generous and would make gifts to people saying, “Go out and have some fun with it.” In that spirit, she would be pleased with this memorial recognizing excellence in teaching and she would say to the recipient, “Go out and have some fun with it.”


Recipients of the Melady Award

2023 Randi Rexroth
2022 Carolyn Horttor
2021 Susan Russomanno
2020 Ronna Baca

2019 Elizabeth Arnstein
2018 Nichole Olson
2017 Charlotte Cleveland
2016 Kathryn Miller
2015 Anne Pabst
2014 Martha Conners
2013 Wendy Short-Hays
2012 Steve Wright
2011 Kevin Nicol
2010 Darlene Dailey
2009 Francie Cutter Sullivan
2008 Zindy Mooney
2007 William “Doc” Walsh
2006 Margaret Countryman
2005 Kathy Holmes
2004 Molly Mork
2003 Karen Shimek
2002 Mary Sutherland
2001 Marjorie Ryan
2000 Margaret Neumann
1999 Tammie Junkans
1998 Mary Kirchoff
1997 Richard Barbeau
1996 Kathryn Miller
1995 Maureen O’Connor