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Sisterhood Project

In the 1960s, all but one teacher at Visitation was a Visitation Sister. The Sisters were an everyday presence in the school--teaching nearly every class, supervising student clubs and activities, and maintaining the school and grounds. The role of the Sisters within the school has evolved since then, eventually resulting in the official closure of the monastery in January 2019. Upon learning of that significant milestone, faculty and students alike immediately felt a need to keep the Sisters at the forefront of the Visitation experience and education. 

Many Meanings, One Visitation: Strengths of Sisterhood is one result of this vision. Under the guidance of Choir director Randi Rexroth, Art teacher Charlotte Cleveland, Social Studies teacher Amanda Rosas, and Theater teacher Wendy Short-Hays, students created the multi-media project featured here.

For this project, students wrote one-page stories about each Sister or group of Sisters. To accompany each story, students created portraits of the Sisters using various artistic media and methods. Watch a video below that features the students' artwork and their stories read aloud, accompanied by musical performances from Visitation Upper School choirs.

Be sure to enjoy the Sister stories, visual artwork and recordings of students reading the stories below as well.  


Sisterhood Video