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Middle School

To Discover and Become Your Best Self

At our all-girls private middle school in Mendota Heights, adolescent girls strengthen their evolving sense of self as they explore and grow as individuals in the larger community. At Visitation, they do so surrounded by high academic and personal expectations and positive examples of “being who you are and being that well,”—all in an excellent academic community imbued in Salesian tradition.

All-Girls Middle School


The middle school years, grades 6-8, are a time of new possibilities for girls: from the academic, to the arts, to the athletic; from individual growth to finding a place to fit in. At Visitation, this transformative time is a joyful one, marked by opportunities to spread wings and explore new interests. Encouraged by our warm, involved faculty and staff, Visitation students engage, care and celebrate each other, surrounded by the structure, support and love of the entire Visitation community.


The Visitation Middle School, middle school grades 6-8, provides girls with an empowering single-gender education. Our girls focus fully on learning, and feel comfortable being themselves in the classroom, in the lab, on the stage or on the field. In this enriching environment, they discover the kinds of learners and leaders they will become and every opportunity is theirs—to speak up, to lead and to take healthy risks. As research shows, the impact of single-gender education is far-reaching in the development of the ways our girls feel about themselves as learners. Our students feel more engaged in learning, are prouder of their work, and hold higher expectations for future achievement than their peers at coed schools. Visitation students gain confidence to pursue career or life goals, continually becoming their best selves.