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A challenging and engaging academic program emphasizes high-level critical thinking embedded in all core and elective subjects, with rich opportunities for project-based, interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning. Our students are confident, engaged learners, who emerge prepared for our well-respected Upper School.


Middle School students enroll in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, religion, art and physical education; students also study a world language of their choice (Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese), and participate in our orchestra program or general music class. Many of our students qualify to take Upper School courses, when available.


Students are welcomed into weekly small group meetings led by faculty mentors who provide guidance on interpersonal skills, character development, digital citizenship and developing a growth mindset. Opportunities to build healthy, whole-hearted connections with their peers within a Salesian environment are supported during advisory meetings.


Enriching courses in ballet, visual arts, orchestra, choir and instrumental music are offered at every grade level in state-of-the-art studios and rehearsal spaces guided by expert instruction. Drama, design and additional music opportunities are also available as co-curricular activities, providing diverse outlets for students to explore their interests.