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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

The Student Support Team of Visitation School provides services that are integral to the school’s mission of providing “an excellent education within a Catholic environment permeated by Salesian Spirituality.” Through our educational programs and services, we are committed to facilitating the growth of the total person — spiritually, morally, emotionally, socially, academically and physically.

The goal of Visitation's Support Services program is to help each student develop into a successful, well-adjusted and compassionate young person who is capable of making thoughtful, wise decisions about her life. Our counselors encourage and support students through both times of triumph and trouble, and are trained to direct students or their families to the appropriate professionals, if needed, for help with their academic or personal lives.

We have been teaching the concept of “life balance” using the ideas of the Life Balance Pyramid for our teachers, staff, administrators and students. The concept is based on a Lifelong Foundation of prayer, personal values, life choices and goals. The Life Balance Pyramid looks at the emotional well-being, social connections and daily supportive activities in a person’s life. The daily supportive activities encouraged are physical activities, plenty of rest and a healthy diet; they also include developing a sense of fulfillment from pursuing special interests such as sports, hobbies, music, theater and fine arts. The use of the Life Balance Pyramid has been useful as a tool to support all members of the Visitation community in developing a sense of well-being and satisfaction in their lives.