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Meet our Team

Kim Cross, MA - Upper School Counselor

Julie Andrews Linscheid, MA, LSC - Middle and Upper School Counselor

Tracy Bitonti, MA - Lower School Counselor

Kelley Stoneburner, M.Ed - Lower School Counselor

Dr. Jules Nolan - Licensed Psychologist




Counseling Services

Welcome to Counseling at Visitation

With Salesian values as our guide, the counseling team at Visitation School provides support for students in their academic, personal and social lives. Our understanding of students is based on their specific strengths and focused on personal growth, with emphasis on healthy relationships and honest communication.

Along with faculty and staff, our counseling team works to maintain an environment in which students can learn and grow. Promoting positive attitudes toward self, family, peers and community is an important component of our work.

We partner with parents in the growth and development of each child in our care. As partners with Visitation parents, we understand that families are most instrumental in the growth and development of their children.

We strive to build trusting relationships with students and are available to all students both individually and in groups to discuss personal and academic issues.

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Life is sometimes stressful and overwhelming. Visitation's Virtual Calming Room is a space designed to support the Visitation community in finding coping strategies that help during these times.

Vis Calming Room