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Upper School

To Prepare for College And the World Beyond

Our Latin motto, Non Scholae, Sed Vitae, translates as "Not for school, but for life." At Visitation, our goal is not only to help young women prepare for four great years in college, but for joy, purpose and fulfillment in all the years that follow.

Upper School students in libraryUpper School students launching rocketsVisitation graduation day


Visitation’s Upper School offers a superb academic experience, defined by high standards of achievement, close personal interactions with faculty and a clear sense of purpose. We prepare young women with the intellectual skills to thrive in university-level studies and in our rapidly changing world. The Visitation learner is empowered to think analytically and creatively, to collaborate and communicate effectively, and to solve complex and open-ended problems.


In our Upper School, everyone is at ease and at home. This is a place where girls are purposeful and comfortable being themselves. It is also a school where each girl finds abundant opportunities to stand out—and to fit in—through involvement in activities matching her unique interests, from theater to the school newspaper, mock trial to ballet, leadership in sports to leadership in service and spiritual life.


Nationwide data indicate that girls in single-sex environments feel more engaged in learning, are prouder of their work and hold higher expectations for future achievement than their peers at coed schools. These are positive dimensions of all-girls learning that we see at Visitation every day. In class and beyond, our girls receive a profoundly empowering education, and it shows. They are confident, competent learners. They are capable leaders. And they will be for life.