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Student-Athletes at Visitation

Visitation & Training Haus Sports Performance Summer Program

Visitation & Training HAUS Sports Performance Summer Program

Visitation School partners with Training HAUS! At Training HAUS, sports performance is the platform for athletic achievement. The Training HAUS team of experts are committed to building a total athlete, while reducing the risk of injury through individualized evaluation and program design. Every athlete is challenged and empowered to identify, pursue, and achieve their personal goals. 


Training HAUS sports performance programs are so much more than weightlifting. Using dynamic exercises and drills, we cultivate performance qualities beyond foundational strength. The result is a more complete athlete with distinct competitive advantages that apply to any sport. 

  • Explosive acceleration 
  • Controlled speed 
  • Mental endurance 
  • Reactive agility 
  • Efficient mobility 
  • Protective stability 
  • Injury prevention 


Training Schedule: June 14 – July 30 (OFF July 5 – 9) 

  • High School Group (girls entering 9-12th grade): Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 7:00 – 8:00 AM 
  • Middle School Group (girls entering 5th – 8th grade): Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 8:00 – 9:00 AM 
  • Group sizes are limited to 20 and athletes are required to sing up for classes to guarantee a spot. 

Training Location: Visitation Weight Room & Outdoor Fields 

Training Reminders: Please bring shoes, water bottle and mask/face covering. 

Cost: $300 (6 weeks)