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Why All-Girls?

Three Girls outside class

In grades 6-12, Visitation School focuses on offering a uniquely empowering experience to girls. They learn to speak confidently, lead eagerly and live comfortably in their own skin. They come to see themselves as they are: impressive young women, ready for the world. In Visitation’s all-girls Middle and Upper Schools, we know girls and we know how girls learn best.

Our commitment to all-girls is rooted in something that cannot be measured, but can only be understood in concepts like gratitude and love. In various ways every day, Visitation students and alumnae express how their all-girls’ education has profoundly changed their lives for the better. Graduates of girls' schools are confident learners, critical thinkers, self-starters, and contributing team players. Read the blog or watch videos below to learn firsthand about the impact of an all-girls education. 

Our Blog

Why All Girls ?

“At Visitation, we believe in the limitless potential of girls. In our all-girls Middle and Upper Schools, girls hold every leadership position. They participate in classrooms where they are confident to express their opinions, to use their voices and to be their authentic selves. Learning and exploring in an all-girls' environment empowers Visitation students to see themselves as the leaders, innovators, artists, champions and  changemakers our world needs.” Rene Gavic, Head of School

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