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Staff Feature: Introducing Katie Owens, Director of Financial Grants

Staff Feature: Introducing Katie Owens, Director of Financial Grants

Katie Owens, Director of Financial Grants, loves working with prospective families to help make a Visitation education a reality. We recently sat down with her for an informative Q&A:

How do you work with families who apply for financial grants?

I am here to help families through the financial grant process in any way that would be helpful to them. I often work with families to provide an estimated grant. I am happy to have individual family meetings to walk through the process and answer individual questions via email or phone. I can also help families navigate the online application.

What advice do you have for prospective families who are considering Visitation but hesitant about the cost?

If you think Visitation is the right place for your child, please don’t let the tuition deter you from exploring our school. We recognize that for some families, the full tuition stretches resources beyond the family budget. Through Visitation's financial grants program, we strive to make a Vis education affordable.Through our need-based grant program, we strive to make Visitation accessible for all families who want to attend. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your family situation. I would love to work with you! 

How much did Visitation award in financial grants for the 2020-21 school year?

We awarded $1,732,000 in financial grants last year.

What percentage of families received a financial grant for the 2020-21 school year?

36% of Visitation families received a financial grant last year.100% of Visitation's Financial Grants program is covered exclusively by endowment and annual giving, and not subsidized by tuitions.

Who is eligible to apply for a financial grant?

All families with students in grades Kindergarten through 12 are eligible to apply for a financial grant.

Is this process confidential?

Yes, the work I do with families is entirely private and confidential.

In addition to the financial grants Visitation offers, what are some additional opportunities for tuition assistance?

In addition to Visitation’s financial grants, funding may also be available through the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation (Kindergarten through Grade 12) or the Aim Higher Foundation (Kindergarten through Grade 8). To apply for a grant from these organizations, complete the TADS financial grant application.

The Pioneer Foundation and Achieving Dreams, organizations independent of Visitation, provide programs for volunteers seeking additional opportunities for tuition assistance. These programs, for both parents and students (16 years and older), provide funds for families who wish to volunteer their time and talents. Please see the contact information below.

Pioneer Foundation:
Bonnie Nelson at 651-303-9515 or

Achieving Dreams:
Holly at 763-424-2431 or

Thank you so much to Katie for sharing her thoughts! Please reach out to Katie with any questions or concerns. Our Financial Grant Committee reviews each financial grant request individually and takes the time to work with all families to provide need-based financial assistance.