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Enjoy Visitation and Sibley's Virtual Choir Collaboration

Enjoy Visitation and Sibley's Virtual Choir Collaboration

Visitation Upper School choir recently collaborated with Henry Sibley High School’s choir to create a unique virtual performance. The two choirs joined via Zoom to perform “Rise and Stand” by Arianne Abela. The students stood in their own homes, miles apart, as they sang the song in harmony. Visitation Choir Director Randi Rexroth and Sibley Choir Director Josh Countryman turned the performance into a YouTube video.

This way of performing had surprising benefits for both schools. For one thing, the two choirs had never collaborated before. Zoom also allowed the choirs to connect with the song’s composer.

“The pandemic has allowed me to think differently on how reachable a composer really is,” Rexroth said. “Arianne Abela was warm, funny, and totally supportive of our work. We felt extremely lucky to be in conversation with her.”

A key part of the project was reflecting on what it means to Rise and Stand. During the performance, students held up signs stating the issues they stand for--from women’s rights, to autism awareness, to the unborn. “These students identified a pretty diverse list of things that are important to them,” Countryman said. “While they don’t all see eye to eye on all topics, they were still able to make something harmonious. That we can disagree and still work together and create something that makes us all better seems to be hard to find in practice nowadays, but in our small way we managed to do that.”

Both choir directors stated that they looked forward to working together again to make meaningful music. Enjoy Visitation and Sibley’s “Rise and Stand” collaboration here.