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Heart, DeSales, Commers Gym

Mother-Daughter Mass and Lunch is a special event for Students in grades 9-12 and their mothers.


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VISTA Orchestra Concert grades 6-12
Saint Peter's Church
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Feast
Pop Into K

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Class Representatives

Class Representatives serve as the liaison between their class and the Alumnae Office.

Would you like to get in touch with your representative? Contact Stephanie Rust Johnson '99.

Or if your class year is blank, consider volunteering to represent your class!

1947 Sister Mary Paula McCarthy VHM

1948 Sandy Boardman Klas

1949 Evy Towle Schneider





1954 Molly Egan Commers


1956 Judy Leahy Grimes


1958 Kathy Eldredge Cummings


1960 Mairzy Conway

1961 Karin Helin Mascia

1962 Mary Jo Michienzi Knutson

1963 Anna Marie Ettel

1964 Colleen Langeland Dobie

1965 Kate Helin Allen & Molly O'Donoghue Schaaf

1966 Martha Hughesdon Turner

1967 Patty Flanagan Bowman & Nini O'Grady Milbrath

1968 Cathy Hughesdon Edwards & Kris Mock Swanson

1969 Kathy Lahiff Budge



1972 Sheila Donohue Christensen

1973 Maureen (Beaner) Faricy




1977 Andy Preuss Geisler

1978 Jane Simerson Joyce

1979 Anne Lethert Smith

1980 Michele Smith Kolar

1981 Bridget Cummings Steffens

1982 Cathy Thomey Berigan




1986 Katie Fallon Stewart

1987 Jill Vujovich-Laabs

1988 Katie Flynn Blando

1989 Heather Bisanz Lantz

1990 Bronagh MacCafferty

1991 Clare Mohs Shavor

1992 Shannon Reedy Parkos


1994 Mitzie Schneider Moser

1995 Sairey Gernes


1997 Sarah Deeb Patterson

1998 Katie Misukanis Pan

1999 Anne Misukanis Bosick

2000 Martha Engel

2001 Maggie Misukanis Kramer

2002 Ana Musachio & Megan Riordan Ritter

2003 Susan Wyatt

2004 Jackie Kelly

2005 Elizabeth Eldredge, Abby Misukanis & Erika Greiner Peterson

2006 Catherine Engel

2007 Sara Sonnenberg Stone

2008 Kate Ferraro, Janice Geis, Laura Gaffey & Amanda Steffens

2009 Laura Erhart & Haley Parrin

2010 Elizabeth Brenzel

2010 Lauren Scharmer

2011 Kathleen Ferraro

2012 Michaela O'Brien

2013 Mollie Nichols

2014 Grace Hyland & Delfina Mancebo

2015 Bailey Davis, Hannah Feist, Anna West & Elizabeth Wollan


2017 Kally Daniewicz, Mary Farley, Christine Kane, Ally Martin & Anna Strub