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We invite parents of current 5th, 6th and 7th grade parents to learn about the 1-1 program, policies and guidelines for the devices, gain insight into some of the ways these new tools will benefit your child in the upcoming year, and learn ways to support these efforts at home. There will also be time for your questions as well.


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Knitting with the Sisters
The Sisters' Parlor
All are welcome. No experience necessary.


Eucharistic Adoration
Sisters' Chapel
First Friday Mass
Sisters' Chapel


The Alumnae Association is proud to honor excellence among its constituents. The following accolades are given annually to those people who best fulfill the criteria of the awards. Please click on the tabs for more information about each award and to see a list of past winners.

Do you know a fabulous Vis girl? One who has gone above and beyond all expectations? A woman who has contributed mightily to her parish, her career or her community? Then nominate her for the Convent of the Visitation School Distinguished Alumna award. It’s easy!

Find out more about the criteria and access a nomination form here.


  • She graduated from Convent of the Visitation School in St. Paul or Mendota Heights, MN.
  • She has contributed significantly to her parish, her career and/or her community.
  • She has been nominated by a graduate, faculty or staff member of Convent of the Visitation School.

Please consider your classmates, your friends or any other Vis girls that you know. In order to nominate that special alumna, please complete this form and write a short essay (one or two pages) explaining what makes her so very valuable to the Visitation community and why we should celebrate her uniqueness.

Please mail your completed nomination to

Visitation Alumnae Office
2455 Visitation Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

You may also email your completed nomination to

The Convent of the Visitation School Distinguished Alumna award is given yearly at a celebratory breakfast held during Reunion Weekend.

Distinguished Alumna Award Recipients

2017 - Anne Eilers Williams '82

2016 - Keyna Pidcock Skeffington '80

2015 - Christine Hickok Fruechte '85

2014 - Christine Cumming '69

2013 - Mary Lethert Wingerd '65

2012 - Martha Hughesdon Turner '66

2011 - Kathleen Flynn Blando '88

2010 - Patricia Hampl '64

2009 - Sister Mary Paula McCarthy '47

2008 - Tara Jones '95

2007 - Patricia Burke Kump '45 (deceased) and Mary Bernard Pabst '52

2006 - Marianne Short '69

2005 - Mary Knutson Brabeck '63 and Anna Marie Ettel '63

2004 - Anne Harris '82

2003 - Mary Knopp Brainerd '71

2002 - Brenna Murphy '66 and Jane McClintock Wyatt '72

2001 - Sandra Kamman Butler '52

2000 - Maureen McKasy Donlin '70

1999 - Lorilee Lambrecht Petrangelo '84 and Judith Schlick Pryor '52

1998 - Judy McMahon Leahy '56

1997 - Wilhemine Schindler Stromwall '29 (deceased)

1996 - Kathleen Rea Hanousek '57 and Bridget Votel '74

1995 - Mary Beth Dempsey, Ph.D. '46 and Sr. Mary Thompson CSJ '46 (deceased)

1994 - Sr. Mary Regina McCabe VHM '24 (deceased)

1993 - Mary Elizabeth Downey '12 (deceased)

1992 - Alexandra Boardman Klas '48

1991 - Helen Mary Hughesdon '64

Visitation has many rich traditions, including the recognition of student excellence. Begun in the mid-1900s, the DeChantal Award for Excellence was given annually to a senior student who was representative of all that Visitation stands for, a young woman who best exemplified the qualities inherent in a well-rounded individual.

In 1995, after a hiatus of several decades, the Visitation Alumnae Association reintroduced the DeChantal Award to the student body as a way to recognize individual excellence. Each year, recipients from the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are chosen based upon a set of criteria set forth in the Portrait of the 21st Century Visitation Learner. Included in the Portrait are such categories as religious character and values, academic/intellectual development, aesthetics, citizenship/global responsibility, interpersonal relations, leadership, physical development and technological knowledge.

The Visitation Alumnae Association is pleased to have the opportunity to recognize excellence among its future constituents. We hope that the DeChantal Award reinforces the importance of the Visitation school motto, "Not For School, but For Life."

Upper School Award Recipients

2017 - Molly Farrell and Christine Kane

2016 - Jocie Zenner

2015 - Elizabeth Wollan

2014 - Katie Hartnett and Grace Hyland

2013 - Allison Dohnalek

2012 - Meagan Trayers

2011 - Katie Moran

2010 - Elizabeth Palmer

2009 - Meghan Wenger

2008 - Sarah Anderson

2007 - Tylee Jackson

2006 - Theresa Evans

2005 - Laura Adams

2004 - Kate Hoffmann

2003 - Emily Weisbecker and Susan Wyatt

2002 - Kathryn Sullivan

2001 - Elizabeth Borer and Elizabeth Hoffmann

2000 - Christina Capecchi

1999 - Mary Gehrz and Anne Misukanis

1998 - Erin Dobie

1997 - Beth Kirvida

1996 - Sarah Desombre

1995 - Erin Dady

Middle School Award Recipients

2017 - Reece Bergeron

2016 - Natalie Canessa

2015 - Ceci Driano

2014 - Grace Beinlich

2013 - Julia Debertin and Grace Snyder

2012 - Anna Evans

2011 - Kayleen McQuillan

2010 - Annie Ferraro

2009 - Emily Westerback

2008 - Cecelia Heffron

2007 - Ellen Brady

2006 - Claire Kranz

2005 - Laura Erhart

2004 - Meredith Patt

2003 - Madelyn DePrey

2002 - Tricia Daly and Maurna Donovan

2001 - Laura Adams and Elizabeth Eldredge

2000 - Talia Daly and Claire Hvass

1999 - Emily Weisbecker

1998 - Tiffany Finley and Kari Schneibel

1997 - Elizabeth Borer

1996 - Christina Capecchi

1995 - Erin Kathleen O’Neill and Mary Therese Regal

Lower School Award Recipients

2017 - Lucia Castro and Philipos Solomon

2016 - Ella Passe

2015 - Caroline Schlehuber

2014 - Jacqueline Tsai

2013 - Grace Norris

2012 - Flannery Brown

2011 - Grace Snyder and Sarah Zimmermann

2010 - Elizabeth Hemauer

2009 - Sam Supplee

2008 - Annie Ferraro

2007 - Meredith Lawrence

2006 - Kathryn Supplee

2005 - Kathleen Ferraro

2004 - Christopher O’Daniel

2003 - Matthew Hipple and Grace Tilka

2002 - Annie Adams

2001 - Catherine Arney

1999 - Katherine Pennell

1998 - Jane Frenz and Christian Pilhöfer

1997 - Alexandra Arney and Claire Hvass

1996 - Candace Cheong and Francis Charles Welsh

1995 - Haley McNabb and Kari Schneibel

Mary Rosacker Owens was a member of the Visitation Class of 1967 and her connection and commitment to the Visitation community were constants in her life. Mary never said no to Visitation. For years she volunteered on committees, including chairing Merrie Market and enthusiastically serving as president of the Parents' Association. Throughout the years, Mary was active in the Alumnae Association and served on staff as Director of Alumnae Relations. Mary Rosacker Owens died on December 30, 1998, after a short battle with cancer. Mary’s family and friends have established a scholarship fund in her memory. Each year a Visitation senior will be selected by the Alumnae Association to receive the Mary Rosacker Owens Award of $1,000 to be used for tuition at a college or university. The recipient will be a student whose contributions might otherwise go unrecognized and who best emulates Mary’s enthusiasm for the school, her commitment to volunteerism and her deep love for the Visitation spirit.

Mary Rosacker Owens Award Recipients

2015 - Elizabeth Wollan

2014 - Catherine (CC) Connelly

2013 - Janelle Bute

2012 - Molly Kurth

2011 - Catie Borer and Jean Gehrz

2010 - Carrie Schmidt

2009 - Maddie Allie

2008 - Janice Geis

2007 - Shannon Monson

2006 - Monica Rosen-Blechinger

2005 - Abby Misukanis and Betsy Speltz

2004 - Katie Gehrz

2003 - Emily Mesch

2002 - Kelsey Giese

2001 - Eileen (Rupa) Ryan

2000 - Miquela Hernandez

1999 - Kathleen Lee

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