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Sports Registration and Eligibility


Athletic Registration

  • Sports registration is part of school registration. 22-23 Athletic Check in will take place on August 8, 9 and 10. See details here. 
  • Not sure if you already registered, need to update registration? Please contact the Enrollment team..

Health Forms

  • Upper School-level student-athletes need a current sports qualifying physical (current within three years). 
  • New students and students (entering grades K, 7 and 9) need a new sports qualifying physical on file with School Nurse, Joanne Geiser, as well as an Action Plan for any severe allergies or health conditions before they are eligible to participate. See the Health Office page for more information regarding specific needs for allergies and other health conditions.
  • Health clearance from the School Nurse is required in order to be eligible for any athletic participation
  • Not sure of your last physical date? Please contact the school nurse, Joanne Geiser

ImPACT Concussion Screening

  • Visitation's Twin Cities Orthopedic Certified Athletic Trainer, Emily Tindal, will send each student-athlete who needs to complete an ImPACT Concussions Screening an email during the first week in August with her individual code to complete the screening at home.  An ImPACT screening does not prevent a concussion, so student-athletes will not be withheld from opening practices if it is not yet completed.  However, a completed screening is mandatory to compete in the first competition. 
  • Screenings are required for the following high-impact sports:
    • Soccer
    • Swim/Dive
    • Volleyball
    • Alpine
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Softball
    • T&F Pole Vault. 
    • Screening is available for student-athletes in remaining sports upon request.
  • Please contact Emily Tindal with any questions.