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A Note of Gratitude from the Minneapolis Visitation Sisters

Dear Visitation Students, Families, Faculty, and Staff:

Once again, we come to you to express our profound gratitude for all that you do for our families and friends in North Minneapolis. We are now in our 33rd year, answering God’s call to bring Prayer, Presence, Hope, and the Spirit of the Visitation to people who struggle and are often on the margins of our society. Without your generosity, we would not have had the means to reach out to them in September, October, November and December 2022!

I want to give a shout-out to the beautiful Visitation scholars who delivered Halloween treats, door ministry bags, blankets, Thanksgiving baskets, Cub cards, socks, clothes, Christmas Stockings, etc. These young women radiate our gentle and hospitable Salesian spirit to our neighbors, and that is as important as the gifts!!!! 

Thank you, adult partners, for supporting K-12 students as they worked on these wonderful projects! Vis is alive and well in North Minneapolis, and you all make it happen.   

On behalf of the men, women, and children whose burdens are lifted daily because of your generosity, we Sisters of the Visitation hold you and your families in our grateful prayer, daily. 

A Blest 2023!

Sister Mary Frances and the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis

P.S. Did you know that St. Jane de Chantal had a soup kitchen outside her castle back in the 17th Century? She loved God’s little people. She must be smiling!!!