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Sister Mary Frances Shares a Thank You

A message from Sister Mary Frances Reis, VHM

I am writing on behalf of the Visitation Sisters and their neighbors in North Minneapolis. For 34 years, through your generosity, a Bridge of caring and goodness has been built between us and you! You have no idea how often we hear, “The Sisters are a Blessing!” I remind them that Mendota Vis is a blessing!!!

If you don’t know us, for many years we Vis Sisters taught in our schools in St. Louis and Mendota Heights until the Holy Spirit sent us to bring the Vis spirit to people who suffer materially and are often marginalized by society.

This Halloween and All Saints Day were wonderfully abundant with treats prepared by the 9th graders, songs and tricks provided by the Seniors, and warm clothing supplied by the entire school community.

Thank you for helping us bring HOPE and VIS LOVE to north Minneapolis this Holiday time. Families are already asking us if we will have something for their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (In a way our neighborhood is a food desert; there is ONE grocery store for 23,000 people since many have closed, either because of violence or shoplifting.etc.)  

Thank you in advance for helping us serve our neighbors during this holiday time. We realize that you also have families to feed and provide for; yet you find time to reach out to us. We hold you in prayer each day.

Please be assured of our gratitude for the bridge of love and care between us and you!!!

With Grateful Prayer,

Sister Mary Frances Reis, VHM and Community