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Lower School Director's Notes

A message from Director of Lower School, Jessica Hallin: 

My hope with this newsletter is to convey my appreciation and gratitude to our Visitation Community. We are a special place, full of love and joy, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Last week during our Lower School Thanksgiving Mass, the Chapel was full of the beauty of our students. Their voices were lifted in song and praise. Our readers offered scripture and prayer full of gratitude and the innocence that only a beautiful child’s soul can offer. It was a moment for our Lower School team to unite together in love and peace, and my heart was full.

Another moment of gratitude last week was during our Lower School Convo, which focused on World Kindness Day.  During this gathering, we brought our entire Lower School community together, and joined in tables of mixed ages for a focus on friendship, kindness, and gratitude for one another. Our 5th graders eagerly joined and supported Montessori students, and the room was again filled with love, laughter and kindness. During these moments, I often find myself standing back and taking it all in with pure awe. This Visitation community allows us these beautiful opportunities that are truly unique. I felt so blessed to witness and join this focus on kindness and the ripple our children make in our school and world.  

This week, the Lower School team is grateful for the opportunity to connect with families for in-person conferences. This partnership with you, allows us to show the amazing growth and learning your children display here at Visitation. Conferences also allow us to showcase the excellent education your child is receiving. I am grateful for the time, love and care our teachers put into preparing for these conferences, as they truly are a collaboration for love and care for your child. We appreciate the time to shine a light on all the beauty we see in your child each day and value the partnership in conferences.

And finally, we are grateful for this Thanksgiving break. We appreciate the time to connect with our families, loved ones, and to take time to relax. I wish each of you a lovely holiday break as well, and hope it fills your stomach and soul with love!

As always, I will thank you for sharing your amazing children with me each day. It is an honor.

With gratitude,

Jessica Hallin
Director of Lower School