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Are you smarter than your 8th grade nun?

The Robettes, Visitation School robotics team, is hosting an interactive comedy game show where audience members compete to see who was paying attention and who was daydreaming in school. Contestants are quizzed on subjects like history, geography, arithmetic, science, civics, and a few more! Answer too many questions wrong, and you’ll end up in Purgatory, where you have to answer a religious question to get out. Win a free pass to heaven or other prizes along the way!

When: Saturday, Feb. 11
 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Where: Visitation DeSales Auditorium

Cost: $30 per ticket. All proceeds benefit the Visitation Robotics teams: The Robettes, Micro Bows and Lego Blaze

Purchase tickets here.

Learn more about Nuns4Fun here

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