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Summer Prep

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Elevate your educational experience with Summer Prep!

Embark on a 4 to 8 week academic odyssey designed exclusively for students entering grades 7 through 12. This immersive summer program, offered by Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School, beckons young minds to unlock their full academic potential and position them to reach the highest level of academics by the time they graduate, possibly earning high school and college credits along the way. 

Tailored Excellence for Middle and High School Learners 

Students enrolled in Summer Prep have the opportunity to immerse themselves into a dynamic college-prep curriculum that not only enriches their educational journey but also unlocks academic opportunities in high school and beyond. Students also have the possibility of earning high school or college credits and advance their curricular placement. 

Combined Excellence: Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School 

Join forces with two best-in-class institutions, Saint Thomas Academy and Visitation School, as they come together to provide a high-quality educational summer experience. Our collaborative efforts ensure that students receive top-notch instruction and guidance from the very best in the field. 

Transcripted Credits for Future Success 

Successfully navigate the challenging coursework of Summer Prep, and students will not only enrich their knowledge but also have the potential to earn academic credits in math, physical education, science, social studies, theology, or world language. 

Inspired Teaching, Dedicated Faculty 

Experienced educators are committed to cultivating the intellectual curiosity of students as well as fostering the skills essential for school and beyond. 


Are you a student looking to supercharge your education? A parent seeking enriching summer experiences for your child? Look no further, because Summer Prep has you covered! 

Reinforce & Strengthen: Whether you want to solidify your math, science, social studies, or world language skills or receive guidance on the college application process, Summer Prep offers expert instruction and a supportive environment to boost your confidence and understanding in the subject matter. 

  • Advance & Excel: Want to take advanced coursework in high school but worried about your current placement? Our programs help you climb the academic ladder and advance in math or world languages. 
  • Discover Your Future School: For those interested in Saint Thomas Academy or Visitation School, Summer Prep is an ideal gateway program. Get a taste of what makes these institutions exceptional, both academically and through co-curricular experiences.
  • Learn Alongside STA/Vis Peers. The synergy between Visitation School and Saint Thomas Academy magnifies the best of both institutions, blending strengths for a holistic student experience. It’s a dynamic collaboration where academic excellence meets personal growth in a vibrant and supportive community. 
  • Engaging Opportunities for All: Parents, we’ve got you covered too! Summer Prep is the ultimate destination for keeping your kids engaged during the summer, with academic and co-curricular opportunities that spark curiosity and fuel growth. 

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to empower your education and future. Enroll in Summer Prep today and experience the difference!