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View From Vis: Meet Religion Teacher Ms. Kranz

Ms. Claire Kranz is the Upper School Religion teacher here at Vis. Let's get to know her a little better!

Ms. Kranz has a B.S. in Public Health from Saint Louis University and a Masters of Theology from Saint Kate’s. She is also a Lay Companion with the Vis Sisters in North Minneapolis. 

1. How long have you been teaching Religion here at Vis, and what grades do you teach?

I’ll be starting my fourth year in the fall! I have been teaching Salesian Leadership to seniors and Sacred Scripture to ninth graders. This year, I will be just teaching ninth graders in the classroom, and will be spending the rest of my day in the Salesian Studies Office.

Claire Kranz, Visitation School Religion Teacher

2. As an alumna, what drew you back to Vis to teach?

I was a lifer and loved Vis. My classmates voted me “Eternal Vis Girl” in the yearbook my senior year. I loved the relationships that are built between students and between students and teachers. At Vis, there was always room to grow, and there were always people there to support you along your journey.

3. What are the highlights of Visitation's Religion program?

Students at Vis get a pretty well rounded look at the Catholic faith--from scripture, to history, to morality, and Catholic Social Teaching. Then they have the opportunity to branch out and learn about other religions in World Religions. As a Senior, students learn more about Salesian Spirituality and how to really live out their faith in “Salesian Leadership.” My personal favorite unit is The Gospel of Luke with the ninth graders.

4. Can you describe Salesian Spirituality in a nutshell?

Salesian Spirituality is living the gospel values as interpreted by Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal. More simply, it is living Jesus no matter what your life looks like.  

5. How are the Salesian virtues incorporated into Vis curriculum and Vis life? 

Salesian Virtues are everywhere! In fact, they are so prevalent that often students don’t even recognize them as “Salesian.” We do choose one virtue to focus on each year as a school community, but throughout the year, opportunities present themselves to cultivate different virtues in our lives--joyful optimism as we celebrate homecoming week, patience while perfecting pronunciations in a language, or gentle strength during athletic events. 

6. Lightning Round: What is your favorite... 

Activity to do in your spare time? 
FaceTiming my niece, baking, or kayaking with my dog, Ike

Mission to support?
The Visitation Sisters in Minneapolis

Food to cook/bake?
I love finding new recipes, but a good fruit pie with homemade crust is always a favorite.

Show to binge watch?
The Great British Bake-Off, and I can’t wait for the Tokyo Olympics!

Disney movie?

Vis memory?
So many great memories! I loved playing volleyball, basketball, and softball and getting to know students from all different grade levels. My favorite class was AP Bio with Mrs. Feitl (who is now the dean)!

Place in the world to visit?
I love going to Lake Superior. A few Summers ago, I was able to check the Lake Superior Circle Tour (driving around the entire perimeter of Lake Superior) off my bucket list. I was also lucky enough to travel to Annecy, France where the Visitation began. It was amazing!

Bucket list destination?
I would love to go to Norway or Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Part of your job?
I love seeing students everyday.  They never fail to make me smile!

Thank you to Ms. Kranz for sharing her thoughts! She makes us #visproud.