Welcome to the Middle School
Posted 07/22/2015 09:01AM

Visitation is an amazing place in general, and our Middle School is an exceptional place where our students are encouraged to find and be their most authentic selves, where they are challenged as budding scholars, and where they are known as individuals by our faculty and staff. We believe that true rigor stems not from a mountain of work but rather from the higher-level thinking that we promote in each and every aspect of the Middle School day. We are also blessed to have a program where students learn to cultivate the little virtues—kindness, gentle strength, joyful optimism and humility—that constitute the foundation of our Salesian tradition. In the coming weeks and months, we hope you will continue to learn more about what makes this such a special place for all those who become part of our community.

I love to hear from parents, so please contact me if you have questions about the Visitation Middle School.

Ben Tierney Ph.D.
Director of Middle School
btierney@vischool.org / 651-683-1765