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Montessori music classLower School Chinese classLower School students in the outdoor classroom

WORLD LANGUAGES An exploratory language program taught by talented teachers in their native language, introducing all students to Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese starting in Montessori Pre-K.

TECHNOLOGY Thoughtful integration of digital tools like Smart Boards, iPads, iMacs, virtual reality devices, various robotics tools, coding and engineering kits that transform learning and expand classroom walls.

ART Beginning in kindergarten, students learn from a dedicated art specialist. Subjects include drawing, painting, printmaking, fibers, design and more.

MUSIC A formal program beginning in Montessori Pre-K and taught by a music specialist, with the option of performing in the Lower School Orchestra with string instruments in grades four and five.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION Course work beginning in Montessori Pre-K, taught by a PE specialist, integrating movement and spatial awareness, individual and sport skill experiences, and lifetime fitness activities.

FACILITIES Lower School students make use of the extensive resources on our 60-acre campus, from performing on the main auditorium stage and playing in a full-size, well-equipped gym to exploring the outdoor classrooms, ponds, trails, play spaces, tennis courts, multiple fields and natural prairies.

"Imagine an environment especially designed and scaled for a child’s curiosity and power to learn!" - Maria Montessori

This is the environment that awaits your child at Visitation Montessori. Visitation Montessori creates an environment that inspires children to develop a love of learning that will help support an inner discipline and self-assurance. The Montessori Method respects the individuality of each child by helping him or her develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity.

The Montessori curriculum was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori’s method promotes the child’s natural, self-initiated impulse to become absorbed in his or her environment and, in turn, learn from it. Dr. Montessori developed specific curricular areas, materials and techniques that assist each child in reaching his or her full potential.

Learn more about Visitation's Montessori Pre-K. Watch the video below.

Primary Grades: Kindergarten - Grade 3

Since young minds are highly inquisitive, our primary school program emphasizes the basics: reading and language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. World languages (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and French), music and physical education enrich the program, while computer science enhances problem-solving and learning experiences in every subject. From kindergarten on, engaging lessons allow students to develop keyboarding skills and the computer proficiency they will need to be technologically literate in the 21st century.

We teach respect for others and develop leadership skills in a variety of ways. Cooperative learning groups give students a chance to work and solve problems together. Grade level pairings, such as “Friday Friends," meet throughout the year to attend liturgies, participate in shared reading and develop social skills through fun projects and games. Lower School convocations give students the opportunity to work across grade levels on seasonal projects, team-building activities and service opportunities.

Intermediate Grades: Grade 4 - Grade 5

An atmosphere of trust and love creates a positive environment in these critical pre-adolescent years. Our students are not the only ones who learn either. Lower School faculty members regularly observe one another in the classroom in order to benefit from different techniques and peer critiques.

We have high expectations for our students, and they constantly delight us with the excellence of their achievements as well as the depth of their personal growth at an early age. Regular homework assignments in Lower School help establish the organizational skills and discipline students will need to be successful in the future. Social skills and conflict resolution are modeled after the principles of St. Francis de Sales' Christian humanism, which recognizes that spiritual progress comes in and through relationships with others.

In Lower School, the student is based in a classroom with a primary teacher. Visitation has specialists in several areas who enhance our basic curriculum with integrated and comprehensive areas of study.