Telehealth Virtual Appointment Policy


Telehealth Virtual Appointment Policy

If your student needs to attend a virtual telehealth appointment (pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, dermatologist, etc.), a parent/guardian must notify Scott Supplee just as it would for any in-person appointment that requires a student absence or partial absence. Students will need to sign out/in at the attendance office. The parent/guardian is also requested to fill out this form, paper copy or electronic version, 24 hours prior to the appointment(s) so that we can find a space for the student to attend their virtual appointment. Telehealth appointments are for students who are well. Students who are ill should stay home as per Visitation's health guidelines.

If a student is leaving during class, they must get a pass from Mr. Supplee. And if they will be arriving late to class after the appointment, Mr. Supplee will give them a pass to their class. Then the student must check out of class with their teacher at the appropriate time and head directly to one of the following individuals to check in. Upon doing so, they will be shown to a quiet place where they can attend their appointment:

  • JoAnne Geiser, School Nurse or Ann Feitl, Dean of Student Life - Doctor’s appointments (pediatrician, dermatologist, etc.)

  • Kim Cross, Lee Blum, or Julie Linscheid School Counselors - Therapy or Psychology/Psychiatry appointments

Parents or guardians may complete the form below if there will be numerous appointments and dates/times are already known. The form may be turned in electronically or should be completed and turned into Mr. Supplee.

Student Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Student Grade Levelrequired
Tele-appointment type (doctor, counselor, etc.):
Dates and times of appointments:
Parent Email Address
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