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Counseling Theme for April is Chemical Health

Drug Free

A message from the Counseling Team:

Our Counseling theme this month is Chemical Health. There are age-appropriate ways for parents and teachers to talk to children about chemical health. Waiting until you are aware of use or are concerned about use is unnecessary. We hope the resources and information included here will be helpful in creating conversations in your homes.

As you were made aware last month, On April 1 State Trooper Jill Frankfurth kicked off chemical health month with a convo for the Upper School. Her presentation was a video which covered topics such as speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt use and alcohol/drug/impaired driving. Her powerpoint presentation is available here for your easy reference. Additionally, Jill shared personal and work stories and encouraged students to share their own. She also encouraged students to come to her presentation with their questions.

Education on preventing substance abuse in schools


Mental Health Disorders and Teen Substance Abuse

Vaping is Big Tobacco's Bait and Switch

Preventing Your Teen from Using Drugs: It's all about Persuasion

Search Institute: Keeping Connected : Preventing Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Kids Health: Parents talk about drugs to their kids


Teen Health: Substance Use and Abuse:

The Teenage Brain is Primed for Addiction

What are we doing at Visitation to support students in a decision not to drink or use other chemicals:

  • State Trooper Talk on April 1
  • Sharing educational and support resources related to preventing chemical use/abuse
  • Providing opportunities to discuss, share concerns and facilitate questions about chemical health
  • Reinforcing and supporting each student's individual strengths and character, emphasizing healthy habits, physical exercise and non-use
  • Staying connected and aware of trends and being proactive and clear in our desire to support healthy decision-making for our students

If you or someone in your family may need treatment support for an addiction please see the attached resources below or reach out to any one on the counseling team for more information.

Support Resources:

Family Recovery Resource Experts: Family Recovery Resource Experts

Know the Truth: Know the Truth

Al-Anon and Ala teen:

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Crisis Call Center: For help text: "ANSWER" to 839863; 1-800-273-8255;

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233;

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255;

Partnership for Drug Free Kids: Parent Blog:

The Counseling Team

Anne Gimpl
Jeanne Doyle
Kelley Stoneburner
Dr. Jules Nolan
Beth Carver