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Senior Information and Updates

A message from Upper School Director Anna Bachman Barter:

Seniors receive care packages!

Congratulations to the senior class! They completed their last day of academic classes this week, and we are eager to help them close the year with much celebration. Please read below for important reminders and updated information.

Day of Reflection

Mrs. Daniewicz will host a Day of Reflection for the senior class on Wednesday, May 27 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. We hope that students will be able to attend in order to reflect upon their four years at Visitation as well as have the opportunity for positive closure to their high school experience. Students should check their email in order to access the Google Hangout link. Please email Kathy Daniewicz with any questions.

Locker Clean Up and Return of Vis Materials

Although, Visitation remains closed and a limited number of people have access to enter the building, we are able to allow seniors two options for cleaning out their lockers and returning textbooks and other course materials:

Option 1: Seniors can come to campus on May 28 or 29 so as to come and clean out their lockers. We are limiting these visits to fifteen minutes, and you can sign up for a slot here. We also ask that students return all Visitation materials (textbooks, art supplies, etc.) in a bag that can be dropped off outside the Heart. Students should wear a mask (or face covering) and gloves as well as follow social distancing guidelines. The school will provide students with plastic bags for packing their items. We will not be accepting new or gently used materials for donation, so students should bring everything home with them. Students should not come to school if they are sick or need to finish quarantine for exposure.

Option 2: Seniors can sign up for a 5 minute slot on June 4, 5, or 6 so as to come and pick up items from their lockers that are pre-packed for them. In this instance, students will pull up to the Athletic entrance and receive their bag of materials while returning any and all materials (textbooks, art supplies, uniforms, etc.) in a bag. See more details here.

Senior Day of Reflection Bag


Seniors met with Mrs. Baca and Ms. Goodhue regarding their school laptops this past week. The technology team will be sharing a short Google Form with them via email that they can complete so as to transfer ownership. Meanwhile, the tech team will be administering updates from afar so there is no need for you to bring laptops back to school (unless students do not wish to keep them at which point you can drop the laptop off with other school materials).

Senior Shirt Signings

We're working hard to see if it's possible. Stay tuned!

Senior Spotlights

We are starting to highlight each of our seniors via Visitation's social media account. We're taking information via the Vis Instagram Account @Vis.2020 as well as from the senior yearbook pages. If students do not want to be profiled, please reach out to Ms. Petschel. If students do want to be profiled and do not have something posted via Instagram, please reach out to Ms. Petschel.


Due to current restrictions and recommendations issued by the Center for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health, we have decided to postpone graduation until June 28 or July 19 in hopes that we will have an opportunity to host a live ceremony during which you can attend and potentially cross the stage one by one and be in attendance together. We will communicate more specific information as soon as possible.


We are moving forward with the plan for each senior to wear a white dress for graduation. If you do not have a graduation dress, please reach out to Dr. Barter or Ms. Feitl as they can send photos of dresses that we have on-campus as well as put you in touch with recent graduates who are willing to loan out dresses.

Seniors Photographs

We would like to invite seniors to Visitation to take individual photos in their white dress on campus on June 8 and 9. Please sign up for a 10 minute time slot here.

June 7 Programming

Although graduation will not be taking place on this date, we are hosting a live-streamed Mass with Father Nick Hagen at 1:30 p.m. After Mass, we invite seniors and their families to a celebratory parade on campus at 3 p.m. This is an event during which everyone must stay in cars and keep driving through the parking lot so as to respect CDC Guidelines and recommendations made by the Minnesota Department of Health. More specific information will be communicated soon.

Prom and Parents' Association's Senior Party

At this point, we do not anticipate that prom can be rescheduled this summer due to restrictions on large group gatherings. That said, parents continue to coordinate the senior overnight party that coincides with graduation. The date and details are still uncertain, yet we can assure everyone that there will be a party to remember -- even if it needs to take place in December or next summer!

We will continue to provide more updates as we hone and finalize plans for the end of the year. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to Director of Upper School Anna Bachman Barter with any questions (