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Lower School Director's Notes

A Message from Lower School Director Erin Nemetz:

Sarah Ritzenthaler socially distancing from her student.

Greetings Lower School Families,

Please know that our faculty and staff miss you all very much. We have created this video for you, Don't Worry Be Happy!

Thank you to the families who joined Mrs. Gavic and me for our live Lower School Virtual Town Hall event on Thursday evening. View the slideshow here. We gave updates on our academic calendar, end-of-year celebrations, learning material pick up/drop off days, report cards and information about planning for next year. You can find all of these updates below as well.

Academic Calendar

  • May 27: Last day of new assignments and weekly grade-level classroom Google Meets.
  • May 28: Catch-up day and the last day to submit assignments. Last day for Lower School Distance Learning.
  • June 1-5: Fun events, celebrations and learning materials pick-up/drop-off days.

Upcoming Events

  • Virtual Field Day: Friday, May 22, 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
    LS Students should use their use Classroom Meeting Google Meet Link to access this event. Our wonderful 10th graders will be leading this event. It will be a joyful and fun event!
  • Move Up Day: Wednesday, May 27
    Students will get the opportunity to meet the teacher they will have next school year. Our "guest" teachers will join the normally scheduled Google Meet meetings.
  • Goodbye Parade : Thursday, May 28, 4-5 p.m.
    Learn more about the parade here. Find the parade route here.
  • Virtual Talent Show Convocation - Monday, June 1, 10-11 a.m.
    Access the talent show here.
  • Fifth Grade Graduation Walk - Tuesday, June 2, 4-6 p.m.
    Fifth grade families are invited to join us for a 5th Grade Graduation Walk. More information here.
  • Learning Material Pick Up/Drop Off Days - June 3-5
    Information can be found here. Sign for material pick-up/drop-off here.
    • Wednesday, June 3: Pick Up/Drop Off Learning Materials Day 1 (By appointment)
    • Thursday, June 4: Pick Up/Drop Off Learning Materials Day 2 (By appointment)
    • Friday, June 5: Pick Up/Drop Off Learning Materials Day 3 (By appointment)
Student with Legos and photo of Ann Marie Zeimetz.

Report Cards and Grading

With the sudden move to Distance learning, our assessment of student learning changed. Our philosophy of student growth and academic excellence remains core to our teaching. At the same time, the Lower School faculty understands that we are operating in unprecedented times and will continue to relax their policies so as to allow more flexibility and ensure that students are not penalized for extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

As a result, our Trimester 3 report cards will be emailed home on Friday, June 14 and will look as follows:

  • Traditional grades for core subjects like math, reading, social studies, science and religion.
  • Pass/Fail grades for specialist classes will be used because we prioritized core academic work.
  • No assessment marks on social growth and work habits, but rather narrative feedback.

As we conclude this academic year, it is my goal to support each and every student and family. If there is anything I can do for you, please reach out to me.

My best,

Erin Nemetz
Director of Lower School