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Salesian Corner

Each Advent, Sr. Mary Paula sets the manger so that the three kings journey down the hallway of the chapel to reach the manger in time for the Feast of the Epiphany.

From Director of Salesian Studies Anne Williams:

Celebrating Epiphany and the gifts of Three Wise Men

On Sunday, January 6, Visitation chaplain Father Nick Hagen spoke at Nativity of Our Lord masses about the gifts the three kings offer to the infant Jesus in the manger. These gifts show us how to act so that God's light may be shown brighter into the world.

The first gift of Frankincense: A highly prized and costly resource, a symbol of gold, is thrown down before the King of Kings. It's a gesture of humility before the King to give over their own kingship to God. We can ask ourselves, "Do I offer my own accomplishments in humility and gratitude that all comes from God?"

The second gift of Incense: Traditionally incense symbolizes a raising to God of our prayer and adoration. We can ask ourselves, "What part of my interiority is given to God? Is my most authentic self in sync with God's will?"

The third gift, Myrrh: A highly pungent agent, often used in burial rites, which symbolizes the bitterness and suffering in life. We can ask, "Are we willing to lay down before Jesus even our deepest pains and hardships, not begrudging God the opportunity to be with us in our most difficult sufferings?"

If we learn to act on as the wise men modeled, we then participate in illuminating the prophetic message that "Jesus is a Light for the nations and the glory of His people."