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Salesian Corner
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Director of Salesian Studies Anne Williams offers the following information about this year's Salesian virtue, adapted from writings from the Visitation Salesian Network:

The 2019-20 Salesian Virtue - Joyful Presence

As members of the Visitation community, we strive to model Salesian virtues and to live the gospel – to "Live Jesus." This school year, we focus on the little virtue "Joyful Presence." Being a Salesian presence, as modeled by the Visitation Sisters, means helping each other find the greater truth of God's creative power, the greater reality of God's redeeming love, and the greater possibility of God's inspiring hope. Joy can be more promising than what the world defines as happiness. We reflect on the words from one of the founders of the Visitation Order, St. Jane de Chantal, "Go through life with holy joy."

Jane de Chantal's life was replete with all kinds of challenges. Her courage in facing daunting losses of children, parents, and other people who had enriched her life considerably reminds us of the "valiant woman" of Scripture.

Jane's courage was rooted in her strong, steadfast faith which enabled her to see the hand of God in all that unfolded in her life. Her path to sanctity was forged by accepting the challenges that came her way as what she often referred to as "God's good pleasure."

Let's journey together this year in Holy Joy!