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Students Design Enrichment Devices for Minnesota Zoo's Red Panda

A Message from Curriculum Enrichment Specialist Tara Schletz:

Third, fourth and fifth graders spent the last six weeks working on a design project in collaboration with the Minnesota Zoo. Each team of students was challenged to design an enrichment device for the Minnesota Zoo's red panda, Min. Working through the engineering design process, the students learned about red pandas in the wild and red pandas in captivity, specifically Min. Teams of students spent time brainstorming ideas and drawing blueprints for an enrichment device that would meet one of the zookeepers' enrichment goals.

After reviewing all of the project submissions, the Minnesota Zoo staff chose projects to advance to the Minnesota Zoo's Virtual ZOOMS Design Challenge Exhibition taking place during the week of March 15-19. We are excited to share that the project submitted by fourth graders Nicholas Rindal and Natalie Welu, entitled "Min's Playset," as well as the project submitted by fifth graders Anna Lloyd and Olive Norman, entitled "The Min Ball 101," were both chosen to advance to the final round of judging! Congratulations!

Here are the blueprints for Min's Playset and The Min Ball 101:

Min's Playset

Min Ball 101