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Visitation Welcomes New Chaplain

Fr. Nick HagenThis year, Visitation welcomes a new chaplain, Fr. Nick Hagen. Fr. Nick is Associate Pastor (Parochial Vicar) at Nativity of Our Lord in St. Paul and will be with us a few hours each week. We look forward to having him celebrate most of our liturgies in the coming months, as well as make visits to our classrooms.

Fr. Nick recently returned from Rome where he was living at North American College while he completed his studies, first at the Gregorian University, and then the Lateran University. Before that he was enrolled at St. John Vianney at University of St. Thomas.

He said the best advice he's received about priesthood is to keep learning and never forget that he's also on a journey, "I'm never going to be able to say, 'I've figured out God, and now I can tell everybody exactly who God is,' because he's always beyond me, too. That's part of the humility of the priesthood," he said.

He's also been able to experience Pope Francis as a person, and not just a news figure, he said, adding that "hearing his words not so much like text in a newspaper, but coming from a human being who really wants to witness to the Lord and tell us the truth and be a link directly back to Jesus ... makes my ears perk up more."

Welcome Fr. Nick!