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Student Feature: Five Questions With Seventh-Grader Abby

Meet Abby: A Vis seventh grader who answered some questions for prospective families! 

1. What do you love most about Vis?

I love the community the most at Vis. Everyone is nice and supportive. All of the teachers do anything they can to help you succeed, and the students are super kind. They will pick you up when you fall down and you can always lean on them. I love every part about Vis, and the people here make it a very easy place to love.

2. What do you enjoy learning about in Vis Middle School?

I like learning about English literature and the classic mystery author Agatha Christie when we read And Then There Were None in class. Also, in history class we are learning about the women's rights movement and how women won the right to vote in 1920. 

3. What are your favorite activities at Vis?

My favorite activities to do at Vis are the sports. I play many sports, but one I love at Vis is softball. I am on the JV team in the Upper School, and I love the girls and coaches. It is a great environment to improve my skills and make friends.

4. What advice do you have for students who are trying to choose a Middle School? 

One thing that I learned while picking a school is to go with the environment that you feel is open and welcoming and would support your goals and academics. You can go with your gut and find a community you think will help you succeed.

5. Lightning Round! What is your favorite...
Book of all time? The Renegades series and The Hunger Games trilogy
Movie or TV show? Marvel movies and The Mandalorian
Place in the world? Venice, Italy 
Activity to do outside of school? Equine Showjumping and Hockey 

Many thanks to Abby for sharing her thoughts. She makes us #visproud!